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Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Economics for a Competitive Edge Pre-Conference Workshop
Presenters: Dr Sarah Jennings and Dr Emily Ogier

Venue: Exhibition Room, Sydney Fish Market

See the pre conference workshop tab for more information.



Welcome Reception    
Room: Parkside 1, International Convention Centre Sydney


Thursday, 28 September 2017


0700-1700 Registration
0850-1040 Plenary Session 1 - Challenges and Opportunities
Room: Parkside 2
Chair: Bryan Skepper
0850-0900 Visual Media Event of 2015 to 2017 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'
0900-0905 Welcome to Country 
Uncle Allen Madden 
0905-0915 Welcome Remarks
Bryan Skepper
Chair, NSWSIC 
0915-0930 Official Conference Opening
Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston
Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources
0930-0940 SIA Remarks
Veronica Papacosta
Chair, Seafood Industry Australia
0940-1040 What's on the horizon? Predicting the future of the Seafood Industry
Craig Rispin
The Future Trends Group
1040-1100 Morning Tea
Room: Parkside 1
1100-1300 Plenary Session 2
Room: Parkside 2
Chair: Jayne Gallagher

Panel: Australia’s fisheries management, ensuring seafood for future generations
Jane Lovell - Chief Executive Officer, Seafood Industry AustraliaColin Buxton - Adjunct Professor, University of Tasmania, Colin Tannahill - Managing Director, Shimano, Stan Lui - Chair, FRDC Indigenous Reference Group 

1145-1225 The art of storytelling
Nick Bowditch
The Mentoring Club
1225-1300 Marketing - Lessons from the Pork Industry
Peter Haydon
General Manager Marketing, Australian Pork Limited

1300-1345 Lunch
Room: Parkside 1
1345-1500 Concurrent Session 1
  Stream 1- Safety Management and Gear Technology
Chair: Stuart Richey
Stream 2-  Connecting with Community and Consumers
Chair: Tricia Beatty 


Domestic fishing vessel safety in Australia
Michelle Grech
Head of operational safety, AMSA

Synergies in coastal communities
Kate Barclay
Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney


What's stopping you from protecting yourself and your mates?
Kate Brooks & Brian Hemming
Director, KAL Analysis

Filling the information gap: Evaluating the social and economic contributions of NSW seafood producers
Nicole Mazur
Consultant, ENVision Environmental Consulting


Safety, health & wellbeing in the Australian seafood industry
Tanya King
Senior Lecturer, Deakin University

Knowing your communities and consumers: what we know now
Emily Ogier 
Researcher and Leader, FRDC's Human Dimensions Research Subprogram, University of Tasmania


Panel: Safety Management 
Michelle Grech, Kate Brooks, Brian Hemming & Tanya King

Panel: Social Economic Story
Kate Barclay, Nicole Mazur & Emily Ogier


NPF Industry - Driving innovation in Bycatch Reduction Technology
Adrianne Laird
Project Officer, NPF Industry

Repositioning industry to a place of trust
Tim Pankhurst
Chief Executive, Seafood New Zealand


New monitoring tools to increse flexibility for fishers
Mike Gerner
Manager Observers and Electronic Monitoring, Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Openseas: A digital platform to demonstrate the social, environmental and production credentials of New Zealand seafood
Jodie Campbell
Programme Director, OpenSeas

1500-1530 Afternoon Tea
Room: Parkside 1

Plenary Session 3 - The Environment & Improving Fisheries Productivity
Room: Parkside 2

Chair: Lowri Pryce


Insect derived protein, the future of aquaculture feed?
Jonathen Arul
The Recyclers


Old technology, older boats and ancient men 
Dennis Holder
DM and KL Holder Pty Ltd


Carbon neutral - who cares?
Martin Exel
Austral Fisheries


Enhancing marine production through innovation - developing a sustainable blue economy
Stewart Frusher
Director - Centre for Marine Socioecology, University of Tasmania


Panel: Environment
Jonathen Arul, Dennis Holder, Martin Exel & Stewart Frusher 

1650-1700 Day 1 Roundup
Patrick Hone
Executive Director, FRDC
1900-2300 National Seafood Industry Awards Dinner
Room: Grand Ballroom 


Friday, 29 September 2017

0700-0830 WINSC Breakfast Session
0700-1700 Registration
0900-1100 Plenary Session 4
Room: Parkside 2
Chair: Veronica Pappacosta


The internet of things
Jono Gregory
Director - Internet of Things, KPMG


Using digital technology to reduce risk and increase yield in aquaculture
Ros Harvey
Founder and Managing Director, The Yield


Mark Dahm
CEO, SmartCatch


Panel: Internet of things
Jono Gregory, Ros Harvey & Mark Dahm

1000-1020 Economic and demographic forecasting 
Tom Piotrowski
Market Analyst, CommSec

How to go from 'improving' to 'innovating'
Jerry Macey
National Manager Retail, Commonwealth Bank 

Panel: Retail Innovations
Chair: Veronica Papacosta- Director, Sydney Fresh Seafood

Catherine Harris- Chair, Harris Farm Markets,
Sue Anderson- Senior Consultant & Educator, Retail Capabilities; and
Jerry Macey- National Manager Retail, Commonwealth Bank

1100-1115 Morning Tea
Room: Parkside 1 
1115-1245 Concurrent Session 2

Stream 1- Fisheries Policy & Management
Chair: Ian Thompson

Proudly sponsored by

Stream 2- Aquaculture
Chair: Aaron Irving


What will be floating your boat in 2025?
Nick Rayns
Executive Manager, Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Aquaculture session welcome
Aaron Irving
Executive Chair, National Aquaculture Council

Australian Fisheries Management Forum – National Statement of Intent on Fisheries and Aquaculture
Heather Brayford
Director General, Department of Fisheries 

Sea cucumber farming with local communities
Thibault Giulioli
Indian Ocean Trepang

Industry provision of fisheries management services
Mark Jones
General Manager, FINNZ

Ocean grown abalone
Brad Adams
Managing Director, Ocean Grown Abalone PL

A licensing and integrated data reporting system for the digital age
Andrew Powell
Manager Regulatory Improvement and External Services, Australian Fisheries Management Authority

Bringing collaborative farming and the full tide to table experience to the world

Ewan McAsh & Philip Browning


Fish path
Natalie Dowling
Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship

Future proofing aquatic animal industries to respond to aquatic emergency animal disease outbreaks
Katie Scutt
Senior Policy Officer, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Cost effectively managing small-scale commercial fisheries in Western Australia - how can these have a future?
Rick Fletcher
Executive Director, Department of Fisheries, Western

Innovative ways to support aquaculture industry development
Ian Lyall
Manager Aquaculture, NSW Department of Primary Industries

Panel: Data

Mark Jones, Andrew Powell, Natalie Dowling & Rick Fletcher 


Boosting Sydney rock oyster production through an industry-owned breeding program
Emma Wilkie
Operations Manager, Select Oyster Company
1245-1345 Lunch
Room: Parkside 1 
1345-1515 Concurrent Session 3
  Stream 1- Fisheries Policy & Management
Chair: Chauncey Hammond

Stream 2- Markets & Export Opportunities
Chair: Jayne Gallagher

Proudly sponsored by


The industry's legacy from the Seafood CRC
Dr Len Stephens
Managing Director, Seafood CRC Company LTD

Introducing... Your Future Fish Market
Bryan Skepper
General Manager, Sydney Fish Market


Torres Strait Islander’s aspiration for 100 per cent ownership
Napau Pedro Stephen
Chairperson, Torres Strait Regional Authority

Tourism and seafood- embracing the opportunities 
Margy Osmond
Chief Executive Officer, Tourism & Transport Forum


Integrating customary rights into fisheries management
Shane Holland

Increasing the scale of seafood in the aged care industry - fins are looking up
Cherie Hugo
Founder, The Lantern Project Australia


Master fishermen
Geoff Blackburn

Tassal- local producer, global player
Rod Smith 


Pre-competitive collaboration: A B2B tool for sourcing seafood
Sevaly Sen
Coordinator, FRDC National Priority 1, Oceanomics

1425 – 1440: Blackmores Approach to Sustainable Fish Oils
Richard Henfrey
Chief Operating Officer, Blackmores


The role of international benchmarking tools such as GFSI and GSSI and their potential adoption by the Australian seafood sector
Mark Boulter
FRDC National Priority 1 Coordinator, Safe Sustainable Seafood p/l

1440 – 1455: How integrated ecommerce is changing the seafood industry
Anthony Wan
General Manager, G Fresh


The Western Australian MSC Initiative
Guy Leyland
Chief Executive Officer, Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC)

1455-1515: Panel: Export
Richard Henfrey, Anthony Wan, Mark Ryan & Bryan Skepper


Panel: Recognition and Accreditation
Geoff Blackburn, Sevaly Sen, Mark Boulter & Guy Leyland

1515-1545 Afternoon Tea
Room: Parkside 1 

Plenary Session 5
Leonie Noble
Room: Parkside 2

Delivering on the promise of our food
Craig Heraghty
Partner, PwC Australia


Panel Session

Where to from here? How do we create our preferred future for the industry?

Patrick Hone- Executive Director, FRDC,

Veronica Papacosta- Chair, Seafood Industry Australia

Craig Heraghty Partner, PwC Australia

Lowri Pryce – Executive Officer, OceanWatch Australia

Aaron Irving – Executive Officer, Pearl Producers Australia

Bryan Skepper – General Manager, Sydney Fish Market,


Conference Close and Wrap Up
Patrick Hone
Executive Director, FRDC

Daniela Schwartz
NSILP 2017

Stan Lui
Chair Indigenous Reference Group