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Seafood Directions 2017 Presentations


Wednesday 27th September 2017

Preconference Workshop  

Economics for a Competitive Edge Pre-Conference Workshop
Dr Sarah Jennings and Dr Emily Ogier


Thursday 28th September 2017

Plenary Session 1 - Challenges and Opportunities

SIA Remarks
Veronica Papacosta  - Chair, Seafood Industry Australia
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 What's on the horizon? Predicting the future of the Seafood Industry 
Craig Rispin - The Future Trends Group
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The art of storytelling
Nick Bowditch - The Mentoring Club
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Marketing - Lessons from the Pork Industry
Peter Haydon - General Manager Marketing, Australian Pork Limited
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Panel: Australia’s fisheries management, ensuring seafood for future generations
Jane Lovell, Caleb Gardner, Colin Tannahill, Stan Lui
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Stream 1- Safety Management and Gear Technology
Domestic fishing vessel safety in Australia
Michelle Grech - Head of operational safety, AMSA
What's stopping you from protecting yourself and your mates?
Kate Brooks & Brian Hemming - Director, KAL Analysis
Safety, health & wellbeing in the Australian seafood industry
Tanya King - Senior Lecturer, Deakin University
NPF Industry - Driving innovation in Bycatch Reduction Technology
Adrianne Laird - Project Officer, NPF Industry
New monitoring tools to increse flexibility for fishers
Mike Gerner - Manager Observers and Electronic Monitoring, Australian Fisheries Management Authority


Stream 2-  Connecting with Community and Consumers
Synergies in coastal communities
Kate Barclay - Associate Professor, University of Technology Sydney
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Filling the information gap: Evaluating the social and economic contributions of NSW seafood producers
Nicole Mazur - Consultant, ENVision Environmental Consulting
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Knowing your communities and consumers: what we know now
Emily Ogier - Researcher and Leader, FRDC's Human Dimensions Research Subprogram, University of Tasmania
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Repositioning industry to a place of trust
Tim Pankhurst - Chief Executive, Seafood New Zealand 
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Openseas: A digital platform to demonstrate the social, environmental and production credentials of New Zealand seafood
Jodie Campbell - Programme Director, OpenSeas
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Panel Discussion
Tim Pankhurst & Jodie Campbell
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Panel: Social Economic Story
Kate Barclay, Nicole Mazur & Emily Ogier
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 Plenary Session 3 - The Environment & Improving Fisheries Productivity
Insect derived protein, the future of aquaculture feed? 
Jonathen Arul - The Recyclers
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Old technology, older boats and ancient men 
Dennis Holder - DM and KL Holder Pty Ltd 
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Carbon neutral - who cares?
Martin Exel - Austral Fisheries
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Enhancing marine production through innovation - developing a sustainable blue economy
Stewart Frusher - Director - Centre for Marine Socioecology, University of Tasmania
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Panel: Environment
Jonathen Arul, Dennis Holder, Martin Exel & Stewart Frusher 
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 Friday 29th September 2017

Plenary Session 4
The internet of things
Jono Gregory - Director - Internet of Things, KPMG
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Using digital technology to reduce risk and increase yield in aquaculture
Ros Harvey - Founder and Managing Director, The Yield
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Mark Dahm - CEO, SmartCatch
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Economic and demographic forecasting 
Tom Piotrowski - Market Analyst, CommSec
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How to go from 'improving' to 'innovating'
Jerry Macey - National Manager Retail, Commonwealth Bank 
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Stream 1- Fisheries Policy & Management
What will be floating your boat in 2025?
Nick Rayns - Executive Manager, Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Australian Fisheries Management Forum – National Statement of Intent on Fisheries and Aquaculture
Heather Brayford - Director General, Department of Fisheries 
Industry provision of fisheries management services
Mark Jones - General Manager, FINNZ
A licensing and integrated data reporting system for the digital age
Andrew Powell - Manager Regulatory Improvement and External Services, Australian Fisheries Management Authority
Fish path
Natalie Dowling - Senior Research Scientist, CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship
Cost effectively managing small-scale commercial fisheries in Western Australia - how can these have a future? 
Rick Fletcher - Executive Director, Department of Fisheries, Western


Stream 2- Aquaculture
Aquaculture session welcome
Aaron Irving - Executive Chair, National Aquaculture Council
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Sea cucumber farming with local communities
Thibault Giulioli - Indian Ocean Trepang
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Ocean grown abalone
Brad Adams - Managing Director, Ocean Grown Abalone PL
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Bringing collaborative farming and the full tide to table experience to the world
Ewan McAsh & Philip Browning - SmartOysters
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Future proofing aquatic animal industries to respond to aquatic emergency animal disease outbreaks
Katie Scutt - Senior Policy Officer, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
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Innovative ways to support aquaculture industry development
Ian Lyall - Manager Aquaculture, NSW Department of Primary Industries
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Boosting Sydney rock oyster production through an industry-owned breeding program
Emma Wilkie - Operations Manager, Select Oyster Company
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Stream 1- Fisheries Policy & Management
The industry's legacy from the Seafood CRC
Dr Len Stephens - Managing Director, Seafood CRC Company LTD
Torres Strait Islander’s aspiration for 100 per cent ownership
Napau Pedro Stephen - Chairperson, Torres Strait Regional Authority
Integrating customary rights into fisheries management 
Shane Holland
Master fishermen
Geoff Blackburn
Pre-competitive collaboration: A B2B tool for sourcing seafood
Sevaly Sen - Coordinator, FRDC National Priority 1, Oceanomics
The role of international benchmarking tools such as GFSI and GSSI and their potential adoption by the Australian seafood sector 
Mark Boulter - FRDC National Priority 1 Coordinator, Safe Sustainable Seafood p/l
The Western Australian MSC Initiative

Guy Leyland - Chief Executive Officer, Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC)


Stream 2- Markets & Export Opportunities
Introducing... Your Future Fish Market
Bryan Skepper - General Manager, Sydney Fish Market
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Tourism and seafood- embracing the opportunities 
Margy Osmond - Chief Executive Officer, Tourism & Transport Forum
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Increasing the scale of seafood in the aged care industry - fins are looking up
Cherie Hugo - Founder, The Lantern Project Australia
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Tassal- local producer, global player 
Rod Smith - Tassal
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Blackmores Approach to Sustainable Fish Oils
Richard Henfrey - Chief Operating Officer, Blackmores
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How integrated ecommerce is changing the seafood industry 
Anthony Wan - General Manager, G Fresh 
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Panel: Export
Richard Henfrey, Anthony Wan, Mark Ryan & Bryan Skepper
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 Plenary Session 5
Delivering on the promise of our food
Craig Heraghty - Partner, PwC Australia
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Where to from here? How do we create our preferred future for the industry?

Patrick Hone, Veronica Papacosta, Craig Heraghty , Lowri Pryce, Aaron Irving, Bryan Skepper
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