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Seafood Directions | Gold Coast 2011

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The conference theme for Seafood Directions 2011 was "The Productivity Challenge". The conference was held at the Gold Coast Convention Centre from 23 - 25 October 2011 and was organised and co-hosted by the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association (QSMA), the Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) and the Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA).

Presentations, Speakers & Downloads

DAY ONE - Session 1 | Keynote
PDF Keynote Address - An Alaskan perspective on Fisheries Management: Alaskan Fisheries certification - Impacts of the sustainability movement - Alaskan seafood branding
Randy Rice, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, USA


DAY ONE - Session 2A | Smaller Fisheries, Higher Profits, Better Management
PDF Productivity Challenges in the Fishing Industry - The NPF Story
Andrew Prendergast, Austral Fisheries
PDF Marine Stewardship Council Accreditation and Coorong mullet
Tracy Hill, Coorong Wild Seafood
PDF Managing for more than gross value of product (GVP)
Dr Caleb Gardner, Seafood CRC
PDF Development of a National Fishery Status Report – the way forward
Dr Gavin Begg, ABARES
PDF Increasing lobster productivity - 7th Rock Lobster Congress Report
Daryl Sykes, NZ Rock Lobster Industry Council, New Zealand


DAY ONE - Session 2B | Another Sea Change - The expension of Australian Aquaculture
PDF Planning for Aquaculture in Queensland
Brian Cheshuk, Aquaculture Policy and Development Fisheries Queensland, DEEDI
PDF The challenges of expanding aquaculture in Australia
Maria Mitris, Pacific Reef Fisheries
PDF Even smarter aquaculture
Dr Nigel Preston, CSIRO
PDF The Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture story
Nick Moore, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture
PDF How can we go to market when the market is always changing?
Dr Richard Smullen, Technical Manager - Aqua Feeds


DAY ONE - Session 3A | New models for stewardship - ensuring the resource for the future
PDF Reef Guardians – Working together today for a healthier reef tomorrow
Karen Vohland, Director, Regional Engagement and Reef Guardians, Great Barrier Reef Park Authority (GBRMPA)
PDF Burdekin Sustainable fishing alliance
Dr Michael Gardner, Burdekin Co-Management, Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA)
PDF Minimising impacts of net fishing on Species of Conservation Interest (SOCI)
Bill Gilliland, Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA)
PDF ESD and Productivity – How can a regional level planning approach streamline management and industry costs?
Dr Rick Fletcher, Department of Fisheries Western Australalia


DAY ONE - Session 3B | Extension and Adpotion in the seafood industry - telling the story
PDF Industry opportunities from the Seafood CRC – Technology and Marketing
Dr Len Stephens, Managing Director, Seafood CRC
PDF Improving productivity through knowledge and technology transfer
Brad Warren, Ocean Watch
PDF Fisheries Policy, Challenges abd Directions
Anthony Hurst
PDF Healthy eating – how do we increase consumption of seafood? [presentation removed due to copyright protection]
Prof Alexandra McManus, Curtin University WA


DAY ONE - Session 4
PDF Seafood Security - ensuring productivity for the future [presentation removed due to copyright protection]
Prof Robert Kearney
PDF Keynote Address: Alaska Seafood Perspective - Alaska Seafood Branding
Randy Rice, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, USA
PDF How can fisheries/aquaculture management enhance productivity?
Nick Moore, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture


DAY TWO - Session 1 | Keynote
PDF Keynote Address: The Branding Imperative: "Food for Thought" for the Australian Fishing Industry
Tiffany White, PhD, Associate Professor of Business Administration Advertising and Bruce and Anne Strohm Faculty Fellow, University of Illinois, USA
PDF Quota Management – only part of a complex puzzle
Tony Craig, Craig Group Solutions Limited


DAY TWO - Session 2A | Tomorrows seafood marketing - are you ready?
PDF Who's going to eat our fish? - Understanding the Australian Consumer (and Chefs)
PDF Fish Bites - Australian Consumers' Concerns about the Freshness of Seafood [9.5MB - Adobe Presentation Format incl. Audio]
Assoc Prof Meredith Lawley, University of the Sunshine Coast
PDF From Pier to Peer – social media and seafood promotion
Benjamin Hale, Managing Director, Adpower Plus Advertising
PDF Woolworths – Sustainable Fish Sourcing Strategy
Donald Keith, Woolworth Supermarkets
PDF Supermarkets - changing market share and influence in seafood consumption and trade
Nick Ruello, Director, Ruello & Associates Pty Ltd Cairns
PDF Taking seafood marketing to the next level –"The China Project" - Abalone to China
Jonas Woolford, Seafod CRC


DAY TWO - Session 2B | Challenges for tomorrow?
PDF Understanding Extension and Adoption in the Fishing Industry
Dr Jess Jennings
PDF Commenwealth Fisheries - "Next Generation Management"
Dr Nick Rayns, AFMA
PDF Reeling in the Red Tape
Gordon Neil, General Manager, DAFF
PDF The importance of third party certification: Challenges and opportunities for the Australia Seafood Industry
Dr Michael Harte, National Manager - Marine, WWF Australia
PDF International Seafood Trade and Market Access
Dr Catherine McLeod, Chair, SafeFish / Program Leader, Seafood Safety - SA Research & Development Institute


DAY TWO - Session 3A | Adaptation of climatic impacts
PDF Increase profitability – the challenge of responding to climate change
Colin Creighton, FRDC
PDF Prawn farmers responsing to Australia's climate change
Dr Brian Paterson, Bribie Island Research Centre
PDF Getting back to business post natural disaster – Industry Recovery Seafood and Aquaculture
Wil Conn, Industry Recovery Officer (Tropical Cyclone Yasi)
PDF Fishy behaviour – Cyclone impacts on the Queensland Reef Line Fishery
Dr Andrew Tobni, Fishing and Fisheries Research Centre, James Cook University Townsville


DAY TWO - Session 3B | People and technology session
PDF Leadership and Productivity
Jill Briggs, Rural Training Initiatives
PDF Seafood Partnerships in Schools – Producing and Promoting our Industry's Future in our own Backyard
Lowri Pryce
PDF Educating teachers about the marine environment
Michael Burke, Coordinator, Community Education, Department of Fisheries Western Australia

6th National Seafood Industry Awards

The 6st National Seafood Industry Awards were held on 25th October 2011 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. The Awards recognised excellence in the Australian Seafood Industry and brought together all sectors of this vibrant industry together in one location. Congratulations to all winners and finalists!

Seafood Industry Icon Award

Winner: Len McCall (VIC)

Len McCall - Seafood Industry Icon Award winner

Grahame Turk (NSW), Prof Rob Kearney (NSW), Pheroze Jungalwalla (TAS), Milan Rapp (SA), David Carter (WA), Horst Fischer (NT)

Environment Award

Winner: Southern Fisherman's Association (SA)

Southern Fisherman's Association - Environment Award winner

QSIA (QLD), Broken Bay Oysters Association (NSW), Andrew Levings (VIC), Jon Bryan (TAS), Austral Fisheries (WA), Challenger Institute of Technology (WA), Bruce Davey, Fishing Vessel Wildcard (NT)

Seafood Industry Promotion Award

Winner: Sydney Fish Market (NSW)

Sydney Fish Markets - Seafood Industry Promotion Award winner

Adpower Plus Advertising (QLD), Hervey Bay Seafood Festival Association Inc. (QLD), Chris Smyth, Australian Conservation Foundation (VIC), Seafood Industry Partnerships in Schools - Oceanwatch Australia (TAS), Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association (SA), The Fishing Schoo, (WA)

Research & Development Award

Winner: Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture (QLD)

Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture - research and Development Award winner

Vin Gannon (VIC), Caleb Gardner (TAS), Clean Seas Tuna Limited (SA), Catalano's Seafood Secrets (WA), FRDC Steering committee - Impacts of NT seafood labeling laws (NT)

Seafood Business Award

Winner: One Sea (WA)

One Sea - Seafood Business Award winner

Coral Sea Farms Australia (QLD), Victorian Fishery Association into Resource Management (VIC), Huon Aquaculture (TAS), Sea Eagle Seafoods (TAS), Clean Seas Tuna (SA), Marine Produce Australia (WA)

Seafood Restaurant Award

Winner: Morgans Seafood Restaurant and Teppanyaki Room (QLD)

Morgans Seafood restaurant and Teppanyaki Room - Seafood Restaurant Award winner

Fins Restaurant (NSW), Flying Fish Restaurant (NSW), Fisherman's Pier (VIC), Hallam's Restaurant (TAS), Del Giourno's Cafe Restaurant (SA), Cicerellos (WA), Saffrron Restaurant (NT)

Seafood Training Award

Winner: Seafood Training Tasmania (TAS)

Seafood Training Tasmania - Seafood Training Award winner

Seafood Directions - Craig Winkel (QLD), South East Australia Maritime Education Centre in conjunction with SETFIA (VIC), Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy (SA), WA Aquaculture (WA)

Young Achievers Award

Winner: Tom Kennedy (TAS)

Tom Kennedy - Young Achievers Award winner

Maria Mitris (QLD), Sam Smith (NSW), Phillip Kerr - Victorian Indigenous Seafood Corporation (VIC), Jonas Woolford (SA), Peter Manifis (WA), Dan Richards (NT)